Five months in a detention centre

I don’t know if someone is aware of the body search they make when one is deported, but when they search someone, it is really inhuman.

Since when have you been in the 127bis closed centre? They shut me up in November, so in all it will be five months.

Have you been moved to here? Yes I have.

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Cinq mois en centre fermé ok

Did they try to deport you or did they transfer you here for other reasons? For a deportation purpose.

Did you refuse to leave? The first time I did, but the second time I was told that I could not resist, that I had to cry and resign myself. So I resigned myself. The others left and I stayed.

Why did they keep you and deport the others? I was told that my name was not on their lists.

You were not on the list of people to be deported? I don’t know how it happened because I was still in Bruges. The social assistant told me that I would have to go to the 127bis centre and that I would know there. When I arrived here, they isolated us from the Sunday 4th till the Tuesday before deportation, and it was hard, very hard.

When one is being isolated, does it mean that deportation is for the next days?
Yes, that’s it. You know I’m not in a very good mood, I do not laugh, sometimes I don’t say hello, I’m just here… a bit stressed, I don’t know my fate, I don’t know what they are up to.

Under which circumstances have you been arrested? I had made a regularisation request for my work. The district agent had passed by, it was on a Sunday and I was at the Church. My aunt told me he had come but he had not left any convocation. After some time I went to pick it up. When I got there they arrested me. Actually, I did not have my passport, no visa, I only had my annex 26, the commune had riped out my orange card, so I had nothing anymore. I was directly told to wait for the answer of the Foreign Office. When the Office answered I was directly brought to Bruges. I have been in the 127bis centre since March 4th. Soon on April 4th I will have been one month here. Until now I don’t know anything about my personal file, because normally in Bruges when one is still imprisoned they give you a document to prove you’re still imprisoned. Now I am here, I don’t know my future, I don’t even have a document which shows that I have been at the 127bis for some time, I don’t have anything, nothing, aaargh…

Did you introduce an appeal when you were transfered to the 127bis centre and isolated? Actually, I had requested asyluum for the second time, I had done so on February 17th, I had been to the Foreign Office and on March 8th I got a negative answer. I rang my lawyer who told me he was going to introduce an appeal. He did so and in principle I will not be deported. However, they did not follow it up, they were waiting for my lawyer to introduce an emergency measure.

You were saying that you were not feeling well, do you have health problems? Does someone take care of your needs? Regarding my health, when I was in Bruges I had pain in my stomach, in fact I have a cyst. They told me that they could not operate me over there, that they could not support me. Two weeks after I had arrived here I was still suffering. A doctor saw me. He asked me if I had made a scan. I said yes. He checked my medical records but there was nothing showing that I had made a scan. I don’t understand why the doctors did not forward my papers here. He contacted the hospital of Vilvoorde I think, I went there to make a scan. Then the doctor told me that I could not stay like that, that I needed an operation as soon as possible, I was losing too much blood, it was not good. Yesterday, the nurse came and told me that it was positive and that I could go out on the Thursday.

Had you introduced a request for medical reason? No I had not. Normally I had to get married with my boyfriend. He is trying to get in touch with my lawyer. My boyfriend is outside… You know, I talk a lot but, what I say is that it is really regrettable how they treat people here.  I don’t know is someone is aware of the body search they make when one is deported, but when they search someone it is really inhuman. I don’t know if one can search someone like that, especially someone who did not steal anything nor kill anyone, can they search someone like that? It was harsh.

I was searched… even in my own country they would never do that to me. I got undressed, they searched me, they introduced the device, and they searched me to such a point that all that was left for them to do was to put their hands in my vagina. Honestly, it was not nice to see…

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