Forced evictions in closed centres: what detainees say

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Holsbeek, closed centre for women:

“We live in total stress: we don’t know when they are coming to get us to expel us.”

“We don’t get a ticket anymore. They suddenly come and kidnap us.”

“They put us aside in a room and then when we come back to our room one of us has disappeared with her things.”

“It was her today, it might be me tomorrow.”

Closed centre 127bis:

“Two Senegalese were taken this week to be deported with an escort; nobody saw or understood anything.”

Closed centre Caricole:

“I had to go to the doctor. After the consultation, they took me to the “cachot” without explanation; the next day I was deported, bound and gagged.”

The “Office des Étrangers” is doubling its efforts to forcibly deport detainees who have been locked up for up to 9 months following the lifting of covid measures:

– more and more deportation “tickets” are being issued;

detainees are forbidden to inform friends, lawyers and family;

– no tickets and therefore no warning for forced evictions

– discreet kidnappings in the centres to prevent fellow detainees from alerting the outside world;

– reinforced escorts;

– presumably, at the airport police station, sedatives are diluted in drinks (2 testimonies corroborate this hypothesis);

– the lawyers are only informed once the deportation procedure has begun.

Thus, in recent weeks, to our knowledge, 3 women and 3 men have been deported with escorts, sometimes to countries they do not even know:

– An Ivorian man was deported to Benin;

– A Congolese woman was also deported to Benin.

They have to pay a ransom to be released in Benin and they don’t know anyone in the country they were deported to. We are trying to keep in touch with them…


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