Forgotten of the Covid-19: A group of undocumented people demand immediate regularization

Video action and repression

Photos of the action

This Monday, April 20 at 11 a.m., a group of undocumented people, the forgotten ones of this period of COVID-19 crisis, carried out a sharp- action fought in front of the Tower of Finances, where the office of Maggie De Block, Minister of the Social Affairs and Public Health, but also of Asylum and Migration.

With the help of placards, 60 undocumented people appeared silently for a few minutes, in order to raise a first alarm signal and make the reality of this part of the population visible to the eyes of Belgian citizens. The action was carried out in compliance with the health recommendations of the containment: those present persons were wearing masks, gloves and standing at a social distance of 1.5 m.

Before dispersing calmly, a spokesperson read the group’s message and demands:

“Before this pandemic, we, undocumented people, already lived every day in fear and difficulties. We were working in the black market to earn enough to live with our families and our children. A situation of explotation that we denounce however. Since the containment was announced, all areas have been closed and there is almost no work. Overnight, we find ourselves without any income and any help to provide for our basic needs. We do not have access to health care, we can no longer buy food or pay our rent. Despite these difficulties, we respect all the confinement rules set by the Belgian state.

Abandoned by this system, we are launching today this cry of injustice that is killing us. More than the coronavirus, it is above all this migration policy that condemns us to agony. Men, women, children, young and old, sick people… We are the forgotten ones of this crisis and we are dying slowly! We are citizens and claim our rights. We go out despite all the risks, to cry out for all humanity, to cry for justice.

Our request to the federal government are simple:

– We are asking for recognition by the Belgian state of our existence in this country for years: we want to be regularized. The regularization of undocumented people in the current situation is necessary and urgent.

– We also demand the release and regularization of detainees in closed centers.

We also appeal to citizens who support our cause: we ask them to react with us and to denounce this unacceptable situation.”

A few dozen supporters with papers were present. The police identified 6 people (including two legal observers of police violence) who are at risk of receiving a report.

Press contacts:

– Rabia (FR/AR)- – 0465 95 40 14

– Keltoum (FR/AR/EN) – – 0488 56 78 89<image8045|center>


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