New charter to Congo

 24/06: We were around twenty people making noise in front of the airport so that the deported people could hear us. The Foreigners Office misled us: the same evening, around 20 other Congolese were gathered at the 127bis centre (where were they coming from?) and at 9 p.m. they were escorted to the airport by a group of policemen  to fill another plane.

Exactly one week ago 34 Congolese from different European countries were deported via Brussels to Congo. According to our info, some of them are still being detained in Kinshasa.

We learned today that several women and men of Congolese origin have been isolated in the closed detention centre 127bis in view of a new deportation this Sunday 23/06 at 6pm departing from Melsbroek airport! Among them, a man who was taken off the plane last week after an emergency appeal. Now that his emergency appeal has not been pursued they are trying to deport him again!

Nothing will stop the determination of the Foreigners Office (Office des Étrangers) who as well as deporting more than 30 people per day take part in charter deportations!

They have become standard practice and are in all probability trivialised by everyone: politicians, charities and NGOs. The defeaning silence suits the authorities and allows them to achieve their aim unhindered!

Sound the end of deportations and all the machinery which accompanies them, and blow the wind of freedom!

Gather at Melsbroek airport this Sunday 23/06 5pm . Chaussée
de Haecht,138 1820 Steenokkerzeel

Bus line 270 to Keerbergen 4.05pm Gare du Nord, 4.11pm Botanique, stop:
Geerenstraat Melsbroek

And fax and e-mail those responsible:

15 Wing Transport Aérien Quartier Groenveld Chaussée de Haecht 138 1820
Steenokkerzeel Tél : 02/752 42 11 (Centrale) 02/752 42 50 (PR) Fax : 02/752 44

Centre fermé 127bis Tervuursesteenweg 300, 1820 Steenokkerzeel Tel. +32 2
7550000 Fax. +32 2 7598168

Monsieur M. F. Roosemont,Directeur de l?Office des Etrangers T 02 793 80 31
(NL ? EN) ? 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40 ,

Monsieur Elio Di Rupo, Premier ministre Fax022173328,

Madame Joëlle Milquet, Vice-Première ministre et Ministre de l?Intérieur : ,  Fax:

Madame Maggie De Block, Secrétaire d?Etat à l?Asile, à l?Immigration et à
l?intégration sociale, adjointe à la Ministre de la Justice : Téléphone : 02
542 80 11 Fax : 02 542 80 03

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