URGENT: 2nd deportation attempt of Dallah on flight SN201 to Dakar this Sunday 6 January : not deported

28/01/2013: Dallah was deported during the third attempt:

Dallah was deported “hancuffed and everything, there was nothing I could do”. Back home, he was remanded in custody for 24 hours and a friend on the spot could negotiate his release against payment.
Dallah lives cloistered because he is still being hunted. His brother is now also imprisoned. He is looking for new contacts to leave the country “I can not stay here, it is too dangerous”, but he considers going to other countries than Belgium. 

He was arrested in November 2012, imprisoned in the Caricole and then in the closed centre in Merksplas. He is Senegalese. The authorities of Senegal are looking for him after he did an investigation on his father’s murder (mayor of a Senegalese city). The government is now looking for him. His brother in Senegal recently got beaten because he didn’t want to give information on the place where Dallah was hiding and a letter of notification was also recently sent by the police to his family in Senegal.

After several legal steps and eveidence revealed on an internet site, the case of Dallah (just like the one of many other persons with different stories)is of no interest for the Belgian authorities and the Foreigners Office has been asked to do its deportation work.

URGENT meeting at the Zaventem airport on Sunday 6 Janyary at 12:35 a.m to speak to the passengers and staff of the flight SN201 to Dakar.


FAX and email SN AIRLINES may also help!
faxer, tél à la compagnie SN Airlines
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