From MORIA to DOVER via CALAIS. We rise up ! 26/09/2020



In Greece, it took the fire in the refugee camp at Moria, for Europe to finally pay attention to these shameful camps. However, 12,000 people are still in an administrative limbo, homeless and without any solution, and there is no indication that the situation will improve.
Britain now expels migrants by chartering planes to other European countries. Britain has also threatened to send the army against the boats that come to the rescue of these unfortunate, undocumented migrants.
In France, migrants are harassed.
In Calais, not content with constantly destroying the tents of the exiled, the prefecture (local and regional governments) and the town hall want to prevent associations from distributing food and water to people who are in need and who are cruelly lacking the basic necessities.
Given the increasingly repressive news, the call for signatures to support the mobilisation in Calais remains open until the 25th.
The call is attached. Your organizations can sign at this address:
Also, each association, each collective is invited to organize a local support rally on Saturday September 26, the day before of the World Refugee Day. Let’s gather together in large numbers in front of the prefectures, let’s organize soup kitchens in the squares.
More information on the place of departure and the route we will take will be available soon on the website of the ‘Association Terre d’Errance’.


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