From Semira Adamu till today, 20 years of resistance to deportations

22 september 2017: Two evenements:

—  Let’s make the voice of retainees in closed centres audible

Friday 22nd September 2017 3.30 p.m.
Place de la Monnaie Brussels

The 22nd of September is a yearly moment to protest against the policy of closed centres in Belgium, which commemorates the assassination of Semira ADAMU, a 20 years old Nigerian militant who choked and died after Belgian policemen had pressed a cushin on her face during their 6th attempt to deport her in 1998.

Today in Belgium, more than 6,000 people per day are being retained in closed centres, and threatened with deportation. The situation in the centres, the raids and deportations are inhuman and hidden from the public by the authorities. This situation is unacceptable.
Info and contact:

–Friday 22nd September from 7 p.m., rue du Foulons 47/49, 1000 BXL

On 22nd September, we commemorate the murder of Semira Adamu, who choked to death during her deportation from Belgium (1998). It is the date we chose to highlight the daily struggles against the deporations and imprisonment of foreigners in Belgium since that event. The harder migration laws, the more the authorities criminalise resistance. Today, to oppose a deportation equals to being accused. It is definitely the will of the Secretary of State for Migration and of the Foreigners Office.

With testimonies by actors who have been convicted today (the ‘six passengers’, for having opposed to the deportation of a Cameroonian man in August 2016) and miltants of other periods, we will debate on the ways to oppose this repressive machine that destroys thousands of lives each year.
This political and festive evening aims at raising funds for the court costs of the ‘six’ (travels, legal expenses) as well as supporting other struggles to come. We invite all these persons, collective groups and organisations that support this fight to join us for this important event and to reflect with us on strategies for resistance.
7 – 9 p.m.: Debate with the accused and past/present militants
9 – 2 p.m : Alpha guitarist & band –
Atomes d’intifada –
Les Lapins Electriques –
DJ Jo Selector –

– Entrance and meal by Collect’Actif – open price

 Organised by past and present militants in collaboration with the campaign  « Je ne la boucle pas ! » (I won’t shut up!) and with the support of Colectivo
Garcia Lorca.

NB: the next hearing of the ‘six passengers’ will take place at the Court of Justice of Brussels on 15th of November at 9 a.m. We hope you will be coming in numbers!

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