Frontex deportation to Guinea: 20/01/2020


We learnt that Guineans were taken away from the Vottem closed centre and transferred to the isolation cell of the 127bis centre. They were promised a forced military flight in the evening. Then we heard that they would be driven to Cologne to be deported on a Frontex flight with other compatriots on 21 January 2020. 

As promised by Maggy:

“Forced return, the absolute key

‘Forced return remains the absolute key of our asylum and migration policy’, declared Mrs De Block within that context. According to the Minister, in 2020, the Foreigners Office continue to target the forced return of illegal criminals, rejected asylum seekers and transmigrants. They will continue to increase their actions. This week, forty places have been reopened in closed centres to retain priority target groups, such as illegal criminals, recidivists causing troubles and illegals in transit through Belgium. Their deportations continue to be planned in closed centres.’  

Article in La Libre Belgique:


“Fabrice Leggeri also pointed out the agency’s role in the organisation of repatriation operations. Last year, 15 850 persons were repatriated, compared to 13 700 in 2018.”

Annual report of beautiful Frontex

“Frontex remains a partner for EU countries in organising charter flights. In 2019, the agency also expanded its role in coordinating returns on commercial flights.Frontex is building the European Union’s capacity in returns by integrating various information systems that allow countries to coordinate and have an overview of return operations at the European level.”


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