Frontex flight to RDC this Wednesday 17/06/2015

This Sunday 14th of June, the persons who wanted to visit close friends or family members in the 127bis closed centre were told that visits would not be possible during 3 days. They insisted in knowing why this wouldn’t be possible and they were told that a very important collective flight was being planned. Some Congolese people in the different closed centres got a ticket for a deportation this Wednesday. Some otheres were told that they would be on the ‘reserve’ list for that same flight.

Currently there are lots of transfers and going back and forth at the 127 bis centre. They are being told that these transfers happen in view of the Ramadan starting this week and that Muslims would be gathered at the 127bis during that period, in addition to the transfers of the Congolese people in view of the collective flight!

Our prognosis:

There will effectively be a FRONTEX flight this Wednesday 17th of June (departure foreseen: 10 a.m. from Melsbroek airport), hence visits are impossible to deal with for the staff. Congolese from several Belgian centres and from other European countries as well will progressively be gathered these days in the 127bis closed centre close to the airport for a big flight coordinated and supervised by FRONTEX, the European agency dealing with the cooperation at the outside borders of the EU Member States, created in 2004 and based in Warsaw.

Not to mention the risk that persons are deported without any let passes which are legally required, but with a mysterious safe conduct delivered
by a member of the Immigration Ministry in Kinshasa! Among the deported persons, some are opponents to the current regime whose life could be
threatened upon arrival!

Accoridng to FRONTEX statistics, in 2014 there were 69,014 forced deportations from Europe, among which 1,968 during joint operations by Schengen countries.

According to the Foreigners Office statistics for Belgium in 2014:
5,602 detentions,  4,360 estrangement (returns or repatriations), among which 101 people would have been deported on Belgian secured flights, and 39 Congolese people on 3 secured flights.
Besides, these statistics NEVER mention the fate of the deported people!

In favour of a world of migarations!
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For more ‘official’ data:

« Joint Return Operation
One of Frontex’s tasks stipulated in the founding regulation is to provide Member States with the necessary support, including, upon request, coordination or organisation of joint return operations.
Frontex-coordinated returns by air group together non-EU nationals from several Member States for a flight. Returnees are transported from several Member States to the Member State organising the flight,where they embark an aircraft and travel together to the destination airport in a third country.
Frontex acts as an intermediary, coordinating with the various national authorities that want to participate in a joint return flight. However, Frontex does not have any background information about the individual cases of the returnees. Personal data processed by the agency is strictly limited to those personal data which are required for the purpose of a joint return operation and is deleted no later than 10 days after the end of the operation. »

Good to know: since 2014 FRONTEX have been coordinating “collective joint return operations”, i.e operations where the native country of the repatriated persons is in charge of one part of the operation (‘collect’ their natives in one EU Member state to bring them back ‘home’). The first countries that took part in this new form of externalisation of the migration control policies were Albania and Georgia.
More info:

Annual risk analysis 2015

Code of Conduct joint return Operation

Foreigners Office : Results 2014 : Their figures

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