General search at the 127 bis closed centre and total chaos 06/06/2014

Following several events, the 127 bis has become a powder keg

General search and seizure of prayer carpets

On June 4th 2014, after a meeting organised with the detainees by the Centre Management, during which the majority had complaints about the living conditions in the centre, a general search happened in the cells and a body search on the all the ‘residents’. The prayer carpets were also confiscated. The detainees were told that if they wanted to pray they had to arrange that with the boss. The detainees did not appreciate.

Suicide attempt

An Afghan man tried to commit suicide in the evening of June 5th. He was placed in solitary confinement for one hour and a half and then, seen his worrying state, he was brought to the hospital.

Conflicts and fights

A lot of conflicts and fights among prisoners and guards : it is being processed to systematic solitary confinements.


Currently, several prisoners lodge complaints with the Complaints committe. They are told that their complaints will be analysed. They have to be submitted to the Complaints Committee by the management. First the “Commission des plaintes” has to check whether the complaints are receivable , then inform the detainees. But never do the detainees get any follow-up! They have the feeling that these complaints, which they have to submit to the director or a member of the staff, never reach the Committee.


Many calls for help to prevent deportations are foreseen for next week: Guinea, Morocco, etc They will be published on due time.

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