Group deportation to Kinshasa on 27th May 2014: Frontex flight?

On 27th May, a group of policemen wearing uniforms, accompanied with loads of civilians, invaded the yard of the 127 bis closed centre at 7 a.m.

Here are a few testimonies:

‘ – There was a lot of agitation on the weekend of 24-25 May, it was hell!

– The six Congolese, women and men, present for several months in the closed centre were isolated in one wing. During the whole weekend, others arrived in buses from the different Belgian centres, and then others from different European countries.

– The people to be deported were isolated in one wing and we were in ours, they made everything to isolate us so that we would not be able to see anything.

– On Tuesday at 7 a.m. the police invaded the yard of the 127 bis. We could not see anything because the buses were parked at the entrance of the centre.

– I just saw that there was a woman in a wheelchair among them.

– There was one big bus and two smaller buses.’

And other testimonies that say a lot about the whole thing:

‘We can not say anything. I can not give you any information.’

Contact with a deported Congolese in Kinshasa on 28th May 2014: ‘We now are at the airport for identification, we are about a hundred people…’ then the line was cut.

Various information in the flight: according to some detainees, they were between 90 and 100 Congolese, according to a worker from the centre they were 110, according to the Foreigners Office that was contacted by an association they ‘only’ were 19: 16 Congolese from Belgium, 3 from France, and one from the Grand-Duchy.

The information is very fragmented. It is a state secret! If others have testimonies or informaiton, please email to try and gather more information!

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