Grouped deportation flight to Guinea, DRC and Senegal this Tuesday 26 March 2019

Grouped deportation flight to Guinea, DRC and Senegal this Tuesday 26 March 2019 

Several people retained in the different closed centres are warning us that they will be put on a ‘special flight’ to be deported to their countries of origin, for some the Democratic Republic of Congo, for others Guinea and others Senegal. 

It might be a FRONTEX flight  (, and other people coming from Schengen countries will be on that flight too and will be driven to 127bis or directly to the airport. 

According to the information we got, they will be transferred this Monday evening from their closed centres in Vottem, Bruges and Merksplas to the 127bis centre near the airport. The visits to the 127 bis have been cancelled this Sunday and Monday to prepare the plan.

The plane would fly from the military airport of Melsbroek, Chaussée de Haecht 138, Steenokkerzeel, this Tuesday at 10.30.

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More info on grouped deportations here


and telecopies to

15 Wing Transport Aérien

Quartier Groenveld

Chaussée de Haecht 138

1820 Steenokkerzeel

Tél : 02/752 42 11 (Centrale)

02/752 42 50 (PR)

Fax : 02/752 44 00

Centre fermé 127bis

Tervuursesteenweg 300, 1820 Steenokkerzeel Tel. +32 2 7550000 Fax. +32 2 7598168

and decision-makers:

Maggie Deblock

02 528 69 00

Monsieur M. F. Roosemont,Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers

T 02 793 80 31 (NL – EN) – 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40 ,

Let’s disrupt this deportation machine, let’s impede deportations! 

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