Guinée: I told them I had no ID: 18/04

Guinean woman arrested on 15/04, probably for the collective flight to Guinea and

Senegal. She was released on 25/04 due to an urgent appeal by his lawyer


je leur ai dit que j’avais pas de papiers

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You are in the closed centre of Bruges. Can you tell us what happened, how did they arrest you?

– They arrested me, I had gone out to accompany a friend, Sunday at 11 a.m. They arrested me and asked me for my ID. I said I had none but that the regularisation was ongoing. They did not believe me. They took me and sent me to prison, it is prison, it is so bad!

– What happens there? Is it really a prison?

– Yes it really is! They locked me up there, there was nothing, not even toilet paper. They locked me up like a criminal, like if I had killed somebody. They didn’t even give me water, from 11 a.m until 7 a.m on the Monday, they didn’t give me anything. I didn’t eat.
I threw up, I fell down. I asked them to give me my medicine. They told me there was no medicine there but that I would get everything I needed where they were going to transfer me. I told them that in the meantime I needed medicine otherwise I was going to die. They told me they didn’t care, it was not their problem.
On Monday morning they came to send me to a closed centre in Bruges. What have I done for them to send me to a closed centre? Again they told me it was not their problem. They handcuffed me.
I asked them why they handcuffed me, I had killed nobody, I had done nothing wrong! They told me it was the way they proceed. This is not possible. I am not a criminal, you only handcuff me because of ID matters? When they handcuffed me I cried from there until Bruges. They even didn’t look at me. When I got there in Bruges, they asked me if had washed myself. I said I hadn’t, I also said I had not eaten, that I was like that since the day before.
They told me to stay there until they studied my case. I told them to ring my lawyer; I know my case! They told me I had to stay there. I’ve been here since Monday…
Yesterday, the assistant asked me to get ready, that on Monday I would have to go to the embassy to have an interview with my consul. I said OK. Then I rang my lawyer who told me to stay quiet, that he was busy reviewing my files and do what was necessary.

– You are sick too. You introduced a 9ter request but you got a negative answer?

– Yes they refused. The doctor there wrote some things, notably that the disease I have is only taken in charge for workers of the ‘caisse nationale de l’agriculture’ of Guinea. I don’t even know where this ‘caisse nationale de l’agriculture de Guinée’ is located. How am I going to proceed? I do not even work there. They tell me that I can only be taken in charge if I work there.
I do not even work, I did not even go to school, all I know is what I have learnt here. Since I have been here I followed training only. Even here I am forbidden to work. How would I work for the ‘caisse nationale de l’agriculture de Guinée’? So, they refused my 9ter.

My lawyer keeps saying that I can not go back to Guinea, that I am sick! Even my doctor wrote that I could not move, that I am sick and can not go back there!
It is here that I discovered my illness. When I arrived here and asked for asylum I said absolutely everything, that I had been raped, all the bad things that they did to me in Guinea, all those things that gave me this illness. They do not want to understand me.

Now they tell me to go to the embassy on Monday to get explanations. How shall I make it? 

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