‘here is the plumber, there is a leak in the house’

17/06/2017 Violence strikes again: married and repelled

He is Iraqi and he benefits from the subsidiary protection. She is from Morocco. They got married then years ago and they were living in Iraq from where they fled in 2013. In Jordan their marriage was recognised by Belgium and they requested asylum in Belgium. He got it, she did not. Different steps are undertaken to settle the situation to allow her to continue living legally with her husband. Despite a marriage certificate in due form certified by the Belgian embassy and living together for more than 10 years, they refuse her everything and she gets several orders to leave the territory against which she appeals.

One morning, she is alone at home. He was gone to renew his residence permit. Someone rings the bell, on the door phone she can hear ‘here is the plumber, there is a leak in the house’. She opens the door and three policemen enter the appartment. They ask to see her papers, she gives them her passport. They say she has to accompany them to the police station. They ask her to dress. She does with the mandatory presence of a police woman. They tie her hands and leave the house. Downstairs she discovers that there is another group of policemen expecting her. She is driven to the police station and placed in a cell where she has to undress. She is forbidden to wear her scarf. She can not keep her inhaler for her asthma. They take a picture of her and her handprints and bring her back to her cell. The cell is cold, there is no water, no toilet paper. Short visit by a doctor. After several hours, she is transferred handcuffed to the Caricole closed centre.

During her stay at the centre, she is regularly brought in front of different courts, always handcuffed. She denounces this criminalisation, and the multiple times they bring her to a confinement cell sometimes for a complete day, notably at the Court of Justice.

She experiments her first deportation attempts to her country of origin, Morocco. They drive her handcuffed to the airport. An agent comes to ask her: ‘Are you ready to leave? If not if will be under constraint.’ She refuses to leave.

Return to the centre. There they continue to put pressure on her to make her leave and they continue threatening her with serious violence during the next deportation attempt in case she rebels. The centre director even tells her ‘you will be able to go and visit your husband in Iraq’ although he is being protected in Belgium and he may absolutely not go to Iraq!

She was extremely scared of this escort that was accompanying her; they tried to deport her a second time on 9th June 2017. Since then we do not have any news from her and her husband who had gone to visit her just before her deportation.

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