How long will we let them act this way? 05/12/2016

According to the testimony of a person retained in Merksplas, a police escort came to the centre this Monday to pick up Arsen K, Chechen, in order to deport him to Moscow.
It was the first deportation attempt on him, and the presence of a police escort is therefore very uncommon.Appeal here
Arsen K had informed about the heavy risks he would incur if sent back to Moscow, following a “very long story of the war in Chechnya”; several dozens of years in prison.
One of his three sons being currently in the hospital, he asked to visit him before his deportation; which was refused to him.
Hence, Arsen left the centre between policemen and no one saw him since then. We also lost the contact with him.
His wife and three children are deprived of their husband and father, without hope of seeing him again.
Another example of the iniquitous, crual and immoral policy of our government; dehumanised and which dehumanises.
Arsen had been living here for more than 10 years. He was settled with his wife whit whom he had three children.
Being from Chechnya, he was sent back to a regime known for the bad treatments, tortures and summary executions of prisoners.
1 deportation, 3 orphans, 1 widow.
Why? For no reason except for figures in a table, and may be – which is pathetic- a few voices more at the next elections.
Nice overview…
How long will we let them act this way?

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