Hunger strike at closed centre 127 bis in Steenokkerzeel 30/09/2021! 

Update 02/10 /2021 : One of their fellow detainees was forcibly deported. He was jumped and beaten by the police at the airport, then taken back to the closed centre.

This violence has reinforced the anger of the hunger strikers who continue their action.



Detainees have reported this morning that there are major heating problems in 127 bis. 
Depending on the room, the detainees have been without heating for several days to a month!  
They tell us that they have not been offered any temporary solution (blankets, electric heating…). They also tell us that the dialogue on this subject with the management is almost non-existent. 
Since this morning, many detainees in 127 bis are on hunger strike.  They are protesting against their unworthy detention conditions: 
    – Heating problems
    – Poor food 
    – Lack of dialogue with the management 
    – No medical care except medication to keep them quiet. 
 One of them told us: “Prison is better”
    Another: “we are left to die here”.
    “Nothing works here”.
 They are also very angry because a man has just been brought by the security probably for expulsion to Mali (country of origin) while he has papers in order in Spain until 2024;
They are very united in the centre and claims their freedom.
 Let’s mobilize to denounce this inhuman policy! 
 Solidarity with the prisoners
No Border 
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