Hunger strike in the closed centres 18/10/2016

Several persons are doing a hunger strike in the closed centres. Among them:

-A young Afghan, retained at the 127 bis centre for almost 11 months (he was arrested on the 1st of December 2015). He has been on hunger strike for 12 days.

– A Palestinian activist, 13 days of hunger strike. He was at the 127bis when he started it. They would have tried to feed him by force, according to his co-detainees, but he refused. They could hear shouts and blows. Then he was transferred to Merksplas where he continues his hunger strike in complete isolation. We are looking for an Arab-speaking activist to try and get in touch with him.

– A man who has been retained in a closed centre for 6 months, who is married to a Belgian woman, has one child (the DNA tests confirm it!) and will soon have another one (due in February), will be expelled this Wednesday to the Iraqi Kurdistan (where everything is obviously going very well, according to the news) via Turkey with a European let pass!

– Sow, the Guinean who was arrested with 11 other comrades during a raid was placed in the secured wing of Vottem; a wing where the retainees are completely isolated and surrounded with barbed wire; a prison within the prison; where they keep the ‘dangerous criminals’, the ‘turbulent’ and the ‘activists’!
Francken should not come and tell us that they are former ‘criminals’. No, none of them ever troubled HIS public order! They are just illegal!!!

And don’t tell us anymore about human and children and even women rights please! FASCISM in all its glory!

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