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Testimony from a Afghan man imprisoned in a closed centre , which is at risk to be deported to Afghanistan.

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 So, Hello?


How are you?

Fine, and you?

Fine. You are in the center 127 now? 


What’s happening inside the cente?

Euh, nothing good. The rules’ of the center is too hard.

What kind of rules?

The rule of this is too hard from another scant (??). 9 o’clock they close the doors of all rooms. I come from Afghanistan.

How long have you spent in the closed center?

I was in another center, two months I’ve spent in another center. It was in an airport, in Brussels airport, then I fear I don’t go back to my country, then they brought me in that center.

They tried to send you back to Afghanistan?

Yeah but I don’t want because I have there problems, but they say that’s life. They just need documents, now they don’t see the problems of people. They say the one time more then send me, but I don’t want bc when they send me (to) Afghanistan I have one problem on the side of Talibans. And another problem is that when they send me in Afghanistan, they put every person in jail. Ahmit was deported from there, and now is in jail: they deported him and now he is maybe two years in the jail. Because of that I go to Belgium illegally.

You say you have news from Ahmit?

Yes, from Ahmit Ranh.

He is in jail now?

Yeah, he is in jail now in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan government put him in a jail. There is another jail, that’s why you go illegally to another country, why they send you back here, that’s the reason. I have threat from the side of Talibans also, but now I have threat from the side of the government also: that’s two problems for me.

And you asked asylum in Belgium?

Yeah, I asked asylum in Belgium. I asked my social asylum for the second time, she said no, tomorrow I will ask for my life, because I don’t want to go back to my country, they don’t have rules to send me back to my country. I broke the passport, I don’t give them a passport.

How do they do to put you back in a plane?

By force. My social say they send you to Turkey, and maybe to Kaboul. There is no life there in Afghanistan.

Okay, so they will send you to Turkey, and then from Turkey to Afghanistan. That’s how they do? 


Do you know when they want to send you back in Afghanistan, to throw you away?

No, I don’t know. Today I see my social, and she say I don’t know. When I know I will see to you. I don’t want to go back to my country. When someone has problems, they come here; when someone doesn’t have problem, they can’t come here. What’s the reason? The reason to come here is that we have problems in Afghanistan. Everyone knows there is a problem.

Yeah, clear everyone knows.

Yeah, but they say that’s life, that’s truth. When someone says truth, they don’t believe. When someone says lies, they believe.

So you say you told the truth, and they don’t trust you.

Yeah, because of that I say anything simple. They need documents, but I don’t have documents. Just I need the documents from the side of Talibans, a letter.

That’s crazy.


They say you have to have a document from Talibans or from government that says that you are a wanted person. 


So, what you can do is calling your lawyer as soon as possible, and ask her to make things go very quickly, because it’s very important.

Yeah, that’s very important because the Belgian government deports the people. The government doesn’t think about the life of people, there’s no human rights. We need your people’s help. Without the help of media, we can’t do anything. The government of Belgium put me in jail, just I need life, now I need the freedom of Belgium. They put me in jail, I will give them a text of my life in jail, I don’t go back to my country because I have problems in Afghanistan.

I tell you, you can call your lawyer as soon as possible, and you can call us if you have any information, any news. And I can call you back and keep in touch with you into one or two days, okay?  To speak about the situation. 


Thank you very much.

Thanks, goodbye.

Good luck, good luck for you.


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