I was tortured yesterday by the Belgian police 22/10/2019

Testimony after a deportation attempt of a women: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/2nd-deportation-attempt-with-police-escort-this-monday-21102019-on-sn-airlines/

audio here (engl)

I was tortured yesterday by the Belgian police on a SN Brussels (Airlines) plane at 11. They kept my head on the seat. It was 4 policemen with one policelady. Whenever I shouted for help they squeezed my mouth and clapped on my mouth and gave more torture. I was really tortured, they hold my nose. I was treated like an animal, they beat me very well, they hold my neck and my throat. I could not shout. It was the pilot and the pilot team that came to me and rescue. I have too much pain in my body, I have too much pain I could not sleep last night.
They tore my underwear they tore my pants, I was tortured and I was beaten. And they told me that next week, they’re going to take me with a Maroccan flight and they will torture me. That’s the way it is. So I’m so afraid, I need help and I want you people to help me.

They want to inject me. Next week they promised because they told me I’m very strong next week they’ll put me in a flight and give me injection to get weak and sleep. That is what they do to everybody in the center. And they take you to the airport the first time they bring you back. They take you the second time and bring you back. The third time they have to inject you. And I’m so afraid. I have there my friend she’s from Morocco and maybe you can talk to her she speaks arabic.

What happened in the airport before they put you on the plane ?
The policeman came to me and he asked me : “Do you know why you are going back to Africa ? You don’t know ?” I said I was about to get married and the police took me from my house and brought me to the closed center. Then he told me “Oh I’m sending you back to Africa. If you don’t want to go we will beat you and put you in the plane for you to go by force”. That is what the police told me. And they really beat me, they handcuffed me and they tied my foot on my stomach, I couldn’t breath. I was tortured, I was really tortured.

They tied me, they were 3 police officers. One hold my right hand, one hold my left hand, one hold my foot and they told me they take me to the plane and they hold my mouth very tight. When I want to shout they squeezed my mouth, they squeezed my nose. They put claps in my mouth. That is how they treated me, just like an animal !

And so they were men who did that ?
Yes four men and one lady. The lady fought me on the plane.

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