They slapped my head against the chair !

12/06/12 This is the testimony of an Iranian man who suffered extreme violence during his latest deportation. Two days later he was put in an isolation cell again to be deported to Turkey and then to Iran.

Listen to the testimony (FR) :


Yesterday he was at the airport for his second deportation. There were 7 policemen present. One of them had put him in the cell and asked him if he wanted to go back to Iran. He answered that he didn’t want to go. The policemen asked him why he didn’t want to go back there and he answered his life was in danger there.

He didn’t want to leave his family, his wife and his son are here in Belgium. He has been living for 1 year and 3 months in Belgium. His wife and his son live here but at the moment they are with some friends.Now they ask him to leave his wife and son to go back to Iran. The 7 policemen beat him up terribly.

First they put him in a cell, then in a bus and then on a plane. He was shouting: I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to leave for Iran”

They put toilet paper and tissues in his mouth so he couldn’t cry anymore. They hit his head against the seat in the bus. They put their hands around his throat to be sure he couldn’t cry. They also kicked him. He was hurt all over his body for two days.

Something else is that when he shouted on the plane that he didn’t want to go back to Iran, the passengers asked the stewardess why the man was shouting. The stewardess answered that he was crazy, or ill. The pilot refused to keep him on board. He saw  how bad the man had been hurt and that he could die on the plane.The policemen asked the pilot several times to keep the man on board. They said three times: “You have to take this man on the plane” The pilot refused three times. In the end the pilot refused to keep the man on board. The passengers didn’t understand why he didn’t want to go to Iran. They thought he was crazy.

When they descended the plane they drove back by car and put him in a cell for 2 and a half hours, before they brought him back to Merksplas.

Yesterday was the refugees’ day … and his request for asylum was refused.

All the policemen were violent. They even threw him against the door of the plane, like an animal.His hands and feet were tied together. He was severely wounded.The doctor said yesterday that everything was normal, that it was not serious. The director of Merksplas told him to go directly to his cell, so the others wouldn’t see him this way. Here the doctor doesn’t do anything, he just gives paracetamol and ibopruphen.He has not yet lodged a complaint whith social wellfare.

He is asking if someone can visit him at the Merksplas centre.


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