In Belgium too people die on migratory routes 14/09/2018

Repression, arrests, mistreatments, racketeering, deportations: these are part of the current messages on FB and elsewhere

Forgetting the dead.

Migrants’ hunting, be it by the police forces or by smugglers, the desperate acts of migrants to flee this repression and the harassment they suffer very often lead to ‘accidents’; very seriously wounded but also dead!

This week, already two persons have died in Belgium on their migratory road. The first one was crossing the A40 to get in a truck and was run over by a car, the other was caught in a fight between migrants and supposedly smugglers, the first ones fighting to find a place to travel, the latter to have the monopoly on a parking… The investigations are ongoing according to the prosecutors, but we will never have clarifications… we will never get to know…

We already know of 7 killed for the year 2018, 2 this week.


2017 :

– Omar, 18, Sudanese, who died under a bus in Brussels on 23rd July 2017

– Dejen, 16, Eritrean, who died in Aalter after falling from a truck on 4th November 2017

– M, Sudanese, found dead in the channel in Brussels on 17th November 2017

2018 :

– Mohammed, 39, Ethiopian, who died in Jabbeke while being chased after by the police on 29th January 2018

– M., 22, Algerian, who died in Zeebruges on 22nd March 2018

– Mawda, 2, Kurdish, who was killed in Mons during a chase on 16th May 2018

– Amalou Ourez,20, Guinean, crushed by a bus in Berchem ste Agathe ( Brussels) on 19th June 2018

– X, 19, Vietnamese, run over by a car on 17th August 2018

– Imran Ullah, Afghan, run over by a car on the E40 in Ramskapelle on 9th September 2018

– SEMERE, 25, Eritrean, killed on a parking of the E40 in Wetteren on 12th September 2018


Map of the dead at the doors of Europe

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