In front of the closed centre 127 bis: 08/12/2013

On Sunday 8th December in the afternoon,  cheerful chaps gathered in front of the 127bis closed centre in Steenokkerzeel. After they exchanged a few words with the detainees who were in the yard, the guards rapidly had the detainees go back in to avoid any contact. The guards went back inside with words shout at them such as “Clear off bitch! Resign!” and “Cops and guards on a plane!”

Even though the centre did not burn out that day and no escape took place, a feeling of rage was expressed in front of these prisons with firecrackers, fireworks and smoke bombs, all this in a cheerful hullabaloo.

The aim of this was to show solidarity with the undocumented people inside and to shout the anger about the existence of these centres and about the death of one detainee this week in the closed centre of Bruges.

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