In heavy pain, on hunger strike, epileptic and DEPORTED 05/06/2018

In heavy pain, on hunger strike, epileptic and DEPORTED

Mimoun had been in Belgium for 3 years. He got a surgical operation due to a several cerebral pathology in 2017. He had to learn how to eat and walk again. He lost all sensations in his hand and can hardly walk. A regular follow-up during a period of 10 years was essential. Due to this pathology he became epileptic and has to take pills every day.
After the surgery, he was working a few hours a week in the pizzeria of a friend.
He got arrested at the end of March 2018 during a control at the pizzeria and he was transferred to the 127bis closed centre.

On May 9 2018 they tried to deport him for the first time. The doctor of the centre had drafted him a ‘not fit on flight’ certificate seen his poor health status. But another external doctor called by the centre made him a ‘fit for flight’ certificate. He refused that deportation and was brought back to the centre.
His lawyer refused to follow hip because he could not afford to pay him anymore and had debts.

He went on hunger strike at the beginning of May with other retainees to demand conditions respecting the Ramadan fast.

He did not receive his medicine anymore and had 4 epileptic crises in the centre.
Message by a co-retainee on May 13 2018: « Good morning Madam, it is 2:17 in the centre. There is a Moroccan man here who suffers from epilepsy. He got a brain surgery here in Belgium and it has been 4 days he hasn’t eaten. Unfortunately, today he had an epileptic crisis. Honestly, I was shocked when I saw him in that state… they didn’t even call an ambulance, nothing! It is totally inhuman, please help us!”

The management was threatening him with confinement cell ‘if he was having other crises’. His co-retainees were supporting and helping him, they were washing him etc and absolutely did not want him to be placed in confinement cell.

On May 15 he was finally transferred to a medical confinement cell and could at last take his antiepileptic medicine again. He was isolated from everything and everyone. He continued his hunger strike, only drinking water and coffee.

We had a last contact with him on May 27 2018. We learnt that he had been deported to Morocco on May 28, without having been allowed to warn his lawyer and his friends.

The Office used all the means possible to deport Mimoun as any foreigner locked in our camps called closed centres for illegals, condemning to death in the short or medium term since Mimoun can neither afford to have a medical follow-up nor to pay for his treatment in a region such as the Rif.



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