Information from the closed centre of Merskplas 15/12 /2012

Nobody dares to talk. “As soon as one talks, one gets into trouble and is punished”.
No one dares to make phone calls: they are told that phones are tapped!

Those who ring us from the outside generally speak on behalf of their friends inside the centres, they find their situation intolerable.

One man in the closed centre is very sick. He keeps spitting blood, he has renal and gastric problems. His codetainees are afraid that he has tuberculosis and that he infects everybody; which is more than likely. The doctors say that it’s ‘just’ a wound in his mouth.

Another man 48 year old is in the closed centre. He arrived in Belgium in 1970 with his parents who came here for work. He was 4 years old. He was arrested and placed in the closed centre to be deported just after his exit from prison on October 9th 2012 after a sentence of 20 months.
He has a criminal record which dates back to his adolescence following several problems. After the entry into force of the Gol law in 1990 (, the State had already tried to deport him. He had resisted these violent deportations by swallowing razor blades when embarking.
This man doesn’t know Morocco, his family is living here and he only knows Belgium where he has been living for 44 years. He will be sent back to Morocco in the context of the double penalty of imprisonment (incarceration followed by deportation), a notion that is questioned and questionable.
He wrote a book on our justice where he says “Justice is a huge spider’s web from where big flies escape while small flies get trapped”.

A father and his son from Armenie, have been imprisoned in Merksplas for 4 months. An asylum request has been rejected and a regularisation request is ongoing. There was an attempt to deport the father who refused to leave without his son of 20 years old because he didn’t want to leave him alone. The father will be imprisoned in his country. The warrant has been sent to the Office but the latter doesn’t want to take it into account. The son seems to have serious psychological problems and is talking about suicide.

Another man, 67 year old, also from Armenie, living in belgium for more than 14 years is in the closed centre. They try to deport him one time

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