It is like Guantanamo here

29 February 2011: Telephone conversation with a detainee during a protest in front of centre 127bis, during the course of which the prisoners started a fire inside the building.

Listen to the interview (ENG) :


How are you?

I am fine thank you, but we are over 100 here, everyone comes from different countries, I come from Somalia. I don’t know why they put me in here. I am a refugee, I should have rights, I don’t know why they have put me in this prison.

Here it is like Guantanamo!

How long have you been there for?

I have been here for about one month now. I don’t have any rights, I don’t have any lawyer, nothing at all!

There is so much discrimination here!

Are there any hunger strikes? (We can hear a man shout “Freedom! Freedom!” in the background)

Yes there are many people here who are on hunger strike. Thank you very much for supporting us. All I can tell you is that we are not terrorists, so why are we being kept in this prison?

I don’t know.

It is not a detention centre here, there are too many cameras, too many guards…like at Guantanamo!

What are people from Somalia or Palestine doing in this place? They are refugees, they should be granted asylum! Why are they keeping us in this fucking place? I don’t know. People from Iraq too, there are too many problems there.

We will ask the authorities.

OK, thank you.

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