Known placements in detention centres, from the weekend 30/08/2021

Known placements in detention centres, from the weekend 30/08/2021

He has Spanish nationality for 10 years, of Moroccan origin. He was arrested in Ghent and taken to the DC because he did not have his papers on him.

He is Romanian, living on the street with his wife and 2 small children. He was arrested and brought to DC because he did not have his papers on him and committed minor “disturbances of the peace” (shoplifting). His Belgian wife and children were directed by the SAJ (Service de l’aide à la jeunesse) to a hospital.

A man has been in Belgium for 15 years and has 2 Belgian daughters. He had a legal work contract. The police came to get him at work and he was put in a DC, following a confiscation of his papers (because of an old condamnation/arrest).

Alongside these arbitrary and clearly racist arrests, there is an increase in the number of people being held in detention centres. 

Many of the detainees are desperate. They have indeed had extremely difficult lives. We hear that they are “flipping out” in the face of an uncertain situation. They clearly need psychological and even psychiatric support.

Many detainees have children who are recognised in Belgium and risk deportation to their “country of origin”. Many children find themselves without their father or mother, which will not help them in their development.

On the subject of the confinement of parents, the Office replies in one of the files: “contacts with family and friends can be maintained by short visits or modern means of communication!

The detentions continue, leading to inhuman situations of unspeakable suffering and obviously not arousing the indignation of any of those responsible. 

We are all responsible! NOT IN OUR NAME! NOTINMYNAME

No to detention centres and Deportaions


And Urgent need :

PHONE RECHARGES  needed for the retainees in closed centres

We receive loads of requests for phone recharges from people retained in closed centres. Very often, their phone is the only way to contact the outside, be it their family, friends, lawyer, or to publicly inform on their situation.
Whether their arrest took place on their migratory journey, in their home, whether their families and friends are here or in their home country, it is crucial for them to be able to warn and communicate with them. Without your support, they would be many incapable of doing so.

You may support these detainees by buying a 10 euros Lycamobile recharge from your grocery, night shop or bookshop. Send us the pin code written on the recharge by email at or by SMS on 0032(0)484026781. We will then send the code to the detainees who asked for it. If it is easier for you, you may also pay, or even better set up a standing order of 5, 10, 20 euros or more on the bank account especially created for that purpose :

Collectif Contre Les Expulsions
Banque Triodos BE58 5230 8016 1279 BIC: TRIOBEBB
Communication: Lyca

Spread the message around you! Thank you!


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