Legal victory against ‘illegal’ deportations 2020

” The Belgian State has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights for its inhuman migratory policy. “

In 2017, several Sudanese were retained in our closed centres and several were illegally deported to their “country of origin”.

We had several contacts with some of them in 2017: here our post of 2017 on the visits of the Sudanese embassy in the closed centres. and here

Following the fight by some in the centres HERE , the support by some of the hosts, and the legal pressure by brave lawyers, some were released but many others were deported.

One , deported, had lodged with his lawyer a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights and WON the case. ” Belgian State convicted for its degrading migratory policy”.

This sentence does not make us forget that the Belgian courts (on appeal) will have done nothing to condemn these practices. It comes almost exceptionally at a time when many cases that very clearly involve serious violations of the rights of migrants are judged inadmissible by this same Court.
Above all, we are under no illusion as to the impact of this judgment, both on any changes in Belgian legislation and on the structures of state racism.

We welcome this little legal victory against these illegal deportations but we will continue to support the fight of the retainees against ANY deportation and retention.


League’s article
“L’État belge est condamné pour sa politique migratoire inhumaine “

“In particular, the Court deems that the procedural shortcomings by the Belgian authorities before the eviction of the complainant to Sudan did not enable the latter to pursue the asylum request he had introduced with Belgium and led Belgian authorities to insufficiently evaluate the risks incurred by the complainant in Sudan. Besides, by deporting the complainant to Sudan in spite of the ban they had been imposed, the authorities made the appeal that the complainant had successfully started ineffective .”

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