Let’s gather in front of the 127bis Closed centre this Sunday 22 décembre 2019 at 3.30 p.m


Hostels are calling for a gathering at closed center 127 bis, against the imprisonment and repeated attempts to expel their “friends” and in solidarity with all the prisoners. Any initiative of refusal in front of the closed centres is to be welcomed and
to support.

Let’s gather in front of the 127bis Closed centre this Sunday 22 décembre 2019 at 3.30 p.m 

We are calling for a gathering in front of the 127 bis closed centre this Saturday 21 December at 3.30 p.m to support the prisoners who claim their release, to show them our solidarity and send a strong signal to the political leaders so that they stop these illegal retentions and deportations.

Mr A, 19, Somali, has been retained in a closed centre for 10 months. He went through 4 deportation attempts, one of them extremely violent against which he lodged a complaint, and another one in deepest secrecy without being allowed to warn anyone (his mobile phone was confiscated in disregard of the right to ongoing legal assistance!) and others cancelled at the very last moment for technical reasons.

He just received an extension of imprisonment for one month and risks new deportation attempts: petition here: https://www.change.org/p/a-maggie-de-block-secr%C3%A9taire-d-%C3%A9tat-%C3%A0-l-asile-et-%C3%A0-la-migration-lib%C3%A9rez-abdulahi

His psychological state is getting worse and worse each day, he should be released. 

Mr T.  28, has been retained in a closed centre for 9 months. He went through 3 violent deportation attempts and has been on hunger strike for more than 20 days. His life is in danger. Here is one of his testimonies:   http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/deportation-youre-an-animal-youre-a-monkey-why-do-you-make-like-this-you-monkey/

Others are there, retained for several months expecting their possible deportation.

We witness a lot of acts of despair each day in the closed centres: hunger and/or thirst strikes, suicide attempts, self-mutilation, escape attempts: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/escape-attempts-suicide-attempts-hunger-strikes-in-the-closed-centres-resistance-to-deportations/

“The earth belongs to everybody” said a female retainee. 

No one is illegal.

Practical info:Address :127 bis Tervuursesteenweg 300 1820 Steenokkerzeel https://goo.gl/maps/wQ6hz5KDKauMRQjp9

Train Gare du Nord : 15h10 Direction Leuven – Voie 6 – Arrêt Nossegem

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