Let’s stop a forced deportation to Morocco! 09/11/2021


Let’s stop a forced deportation to Morocco! 

The man we are in contact with and who is about to be deported has been in Europe since 2010. He applied for asylum in Germany in 2014. In Belgium he did a short stay in prison and then was transferred to a detention centre as a “criminal”, thus suffering a double punishment that many organisations, including our collective, denounce.

He wants to go to Germany where he has friends and where he has applied for asylum. He says that he has not seen the outside of a prison since 2017 and that he wants to be released!

The foreigners’ office booked him on a flight with a police escort on Wednesday 10 November 2021 to Casablanca. He has refused his covid test, but they say he has to do another test at the airport and even if he refuses, he will still have to get on the plane because he is vaccinated.

He is afraid to go to Morocco, he says he will be thrown in jail there and that he will be mistreated by the police. In Morocco, he is not free at all, there is nothing for him there.

He will try to refuse deportation and asks for our help to prevent his deportation.At the same time he has just filed an application for asylum (this 09/11/2021 at 4pm). If the foreign office does not reject this asylum application the flight will be cancelled. We will have news around noon on 10/11/2021 and we will keep you informed.

Flight AT 833 , SN 4053: departure 5:10 pm 10/11/2021
Meeting at the airport this Wednesday 10 November at 3pm to explain to the passengers that he doesn’t not want to leave, that this deportation is forced and that they can prevent it by telling the pilot of the plane who is legally the only one in control of the aircraft.



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