Letter from a friend of a detainee at Merksplas


I want to tell you something about the detention center of Merksplas.
This happened yesterday and today. A detainee told me and I wanted you to be informed as well.

Yesterday during dinner,  something happened to a boy, named David, of Georgian origin. During dinner everything is served on one plate. He doesn’t like fries with something else, so he simply asked for a separate plate to eat the fries separate.

The employees at the center made a lot of hassle about this. So they refused him a separate plate, even a plastic one. Because the employees acted this way, you are already very stressed which makes you irritable. So they took him to solitary, just for a plastic plate.
The day after – so today – he was repatriated. You really have no rights, they treat you like a piece of dirt.

This boy was married to a Belgian, but they were filing for divorce because it didn’t work out between them. The case was scheduled in november in order to find an arrangement concerning their child. The wanted the kid to be with one parent one week and with the other the next or some other arrangement. The guy didn’t even get the opportunity to say goodbye to his son, he had to leave his child behind, just like that.

The worst of all was when the residents of the center were asking where David had gone, they told them he would be back while he had already been repatriated. Then they came to empty his closet. And then they said everything happened very fast and they had no time to bring him back.

There is a second case with a Tchetchnian boy. He is also married and has children here. His wife and children had payed him a visit. And afterwards they didn’t return him to his roommates. So he too he was repatriated just like that without saying goodbye to his wife, children and roommates.

So, I hope his can help you

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