Deaths on the borders:


• (FR) – Collection of publications on the fight against imprisonment and justice, subversive leaflets to read, print and spread.

Belgium :
•    Radio : Broadcast “La voie sans frontières” (FR) “”La  voie sans frontières” is a participatory broadcast that gives the floor to the undocumented. We want to create debates, collect testimonies and spread information around the fight of the undocumented but also around their daily lives.”
•    Collectif Contre Les Expulsions CCLE (ceased its activities – FR) – This site is not updated anymore but remains interesting.
“The Collective against deportations  primarily aims at the immediate stop of all deportations, i.e. the unlimited expression of the freedom of movement and settlement, that is an inalienable right for every human being.  They also want to support deported people before, during and after the deportation.”
•    Ennemis des Frontières (FR)  – “This site gathers texts, flyers, posters… on the fight against the construction of the new closed centre in Steenokkerzeel and against the deportation machine; so as to question and combat all forms of authority and exploitation.”
•    Noborderbxl (FR) – This site is not updated currently. It has the actions during the Noborder camp in September 2010
•    Sans papiers Belgique (FR)“”Sans  Papiers Belgique” is a collective created in January 2011 in Brussels (Belgium). The collective  SPBelgique aims at all undocumented people, whether there procedure is ongoing or ending, and even if they never had introduced any regularisation file.”

•    Indymedia Bruxelles (FR) – Alternative media in Belgium

France :
•    Against retention (FR)“Information relay on retention places and on actions to break the isolation of the detained people and their close relations.”
•    Sanspapiersnifrontières (FR)“Against borders and their prisons”
•    Réseau Education sans frontières (FR)“RESF  is made up of teachers, national education staff, students’ parents, educators, trade unions and organisations dealing with human rights. In June 2004, they launched a call for the regularisation of all scolarised undocumented. This initiative is inspired by the experience of fights led in several school that led to the regularisation of pupils and sometimes also of their parents.”
•    Que faire en cas d’arrestation (FR) ?“How to organize oneself against deportation, what to do in case of arrest?”
•    Casss papiers (FR )“In front of the racist and xenophobic policies of our successive governments in matter of immigration, our position is radical. The CASS-PAPIER struggles for the opening of borders, the free circulation and settlement of people in the world. Our fight is part of a more global fight against all forms of oppression.”
•    Calais Migrant Solidarity (ENG)“Documenting police harassment of migrants in Calais, and the strengthening resistance against the border regime.”

The Netherlands :
•    Freedom for all (NL) – Information on the resistance movements in the Netherlands
•    Noborder NL (NL) :
•    Vrijheid van beweging (NL) – Startpage for sites that share and gather information on actions against migration policies. For freedom of movement and open borders. Against prisons and detention centers.
•    Deportatieverzet (NL) – Group that publicly opposes and uses direct actions against the déporations. The group’s goal is to prevent as much as possible expulsions.
•    Immigrant detention watch (ENG)“Community  resource for monitoring the treatment of immigrating people, refugees  held in detention centres; in solidarity  with migrants everywhere”

Italy :
•    Macerie (IT) :

United Kingdom :
•    Anti-raids (ENG)“We are a new London-wide network of ordinary people resisting and  challenging immigration checks and raids through principles of  solidarity and mutual aid.
The  network is formed of London-based groups, including the Latin American  Workers’Association (LAWAS), No Borders London, Precarious Workers  Brigade, The Prisma, Stop Deportation, South London SolFed,People’s  Republic of Southwark, and unaffiliated individuals –with and without  papers.
On this site you will find ‘Know Your Rights’ information in various languages, as well as details for how to get involved.”
•    No One is illegal (ENG) – The UK campaign for freedom of movement and settlement, and an end to immigration controls
•    No deportation (ENG) – ‘No-Deportations’  provides ‘Signposting’ to any one in the UK  subject to UK immigration  controls and does not want to leave the UK,  for whatever reasons.

Germany :

Europe :
• (ENG – IT – FR – AR)“Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe”
• (FR, ENG, GER)“For freedom of movement and fair development, transnational network”
• (ENG)“General informations on Frontex and actions against Frontex”
•    Migration and Struggle in Greece (ENG)“Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe – A website managed by the Group of Migrants and Refugees based in Thessaloniki, Greece.”
•   Listes des morts aux frontières (ENG)
•    Infomobile (several languages)“information with, about and for refugees in Greece”

•    Detention Watch Network (ENG)“Detention Watch Network  DWN) is a national coalition of organizations and individuals working  to expose and challenge the injustices of the U.S. immigration detention  and deportation system and advocate for profound change that promotes  the rights and dignity of all persons.”



I want to talk about the Sexion Doundou and the life we live in Morocco. Sexion Doundou is a positive thought. Because life can be two things. You either survive or you die. For now we are surviving, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Sexion Doundou is something we created between us, to bring unity and solidarity. We came here with the mission to cross. So this is the kind of thing we can do to give each other courage.

Belgium :
•    Ouvrons les yeux (FR)

•    Inside the detention machine (ENG) – A list with messages from ibby, when he was detained in the closed centre for illegal immigrants Merksplas.

The Netherlands :
•    Geen mens is illegaal (NL) – Testimonis from the closed centres in the NL
•    Vrijheid van beweging (NL) – Testimonies by migrants

Italy :
•     Storie Migranti (FR, ENG, IT)“Migrant stories is an archive of migration stories, a story of our present through the stories of migrants. It is not a web page to debate on migration but rather a place where to relate direct experiences of migration.”
•    Fortress Europe (several languages)“Testimonies on the wars to migrants in the Mediterranean and the detention centres in Italy.”



 •    Crer (FR) – Coordination against raids and deportations and in favour of regularisation
•    Vlos (NL) –
•    Ciré (FR) –
• (NL) –
•    Cbar-bchv (FR) –

France :
•    Migreurop (several languages)
•    Gisti (several languages)