Loads of calls from Steenokkerzeel, Bruges, Vottem 30/03/2015

Loads of calls from Steenokkerzeel, Bruges, Vottem

Loads of different stories, sometimes shocking.

A lot of hatred, a lot of tears, and tiny or huge rebellions nipped in the bud.

A lot of intimidation and repression: don’t know anything about vegeterians. You open your mouth: solitary confinement. You try to speak with your codetainees: solitary confinement! You argue with someone: solitary confinement!

Inexplicable detentions only, each one having their reason to be here, to stay here, each one wanting to ‘live’.

Some have been detained for weeks, some even for months.

White ” Marriage, “Black” Work, “criminal”, “fals” asylum: any reason is worth imprisonment, oppression, breaking.

Any release in front of a court is denied; the Office systematically appealing any decision by a court in order to keep you warm in the closed centre while waiting for…..! It’s good for the figures, it’s good for the voters.

If you can not get a laissez passer, they keep you while waiting for…..

A Palestinian man has been detained for more than 4 months: they do not know where to send him back to, so in the meantime they keep him while waiting for…

A Rwandese man had come to visit his children. He didn’t request asylum, he wanted to sort out the situation of his children who are illegal here, and go back. He has been detained in Caricole for almost three months while waiting for…. (what?)

Several people are being detained in the secured wing in Vottem because they are sick or too ‘turbulent’, or because they rebel against these detentions. Therefore, they represent a ‘danger for the life in the centre’ and they are placed in ‘solitary confinement’. One of them has been in full confinement for more than 7 months; a real torture!

A woman has been detained in Bruges for 4 months for no specific reason.

A woman from Congo, six months pregnant, has been detained for almost 5 months! What a pregnancy! She will name her little boy ‘Caricole’!

Another Maroccan women in the same situation . They do’nt like pregnant woman!Her testimony here

There is a lot of Moroccan women. One of them has had a Spanish residence permit since 2008 ! The social assistant tells her that she’ll go back to Morocco and that there is nothing to discuss about!

Daily deportations, some of them forced, to a country where you’d better disappear: a political opponent was deported to the Ivory Coast, he is hiding there with his wife and lost everything here AND in his country. He has no future there anymore and considers coming back to Europe! His history here

And other news, always pleasant: the ‘Dublin’ people: men and women who were sent back to the Schengen country where they first landed to arrive here, they very quickly come back to us! Very nice encounters!

All that to say that we are overworked and that we need help!
Solidarity for calls, transcriptions, …

Please send us an email if you are ready to give us a hand!
Financial solidarity as well :

One of the problems we are confronted with is the requests by detainees to send them phone credit recharges. You may help those detainees by buying a 5 EUR recharge (Lycamobil) at your grocer’s, in a nightshop or papershop. You just have to send us the pin code indicated on the recharge to our email address gettingthevoiceout(a)riseup.net. We will then send the code to the detainees who need a recharge and it will help them keep the contact with us and the outside world.
You may also deposit or even better make a standing order of  2, 5, 10, 20 euros or more (!)on the account :
Collectif Contre Les Expulsions
Banque Triodos  BE585230 8016 1279

Please spread the word to your friends and acquaintances, to all who might feel concerned!

THANK YOU and once again: NO TO DETENTIONS!!!

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