Louis deportate (ENGL) –Flight canceled Last minute

Guinean, 22 years old – deportation to Conakry on 26/05/2012

Second deportation attempt for Kevin foreseen on May 26th on the collective flight AC6346 , LH5668, UA9998 , US5968 to Conakry, 02:30 p.m.

Kevin has been detained in the Merksplas closed centre since March 16th. He had a migration journey of 4 months, starting from Senegal and going through Istanbul, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Algeria and Belgium. He arrived to Belgium by boat on March 15th.
He introduced an asylum request and got detained in the Merksplas centre the same day. The request was rejected and the Office of Shame will again try to deport him on May 26th.

Kevin doesn’t want to and cannot go back to his country and he is asking for help to resist this deportation.
Gathering at Zaventem airport this Saturday 26th of May 12:30 a.m to prevent this deportation and talk to the passengers and the flight personnel of the different companies.
ATTENTION: different companies are responsible for this flight, therefore the luggage check-in will most probably take place at different counters  (AC6346 , LH5668, UA9998 , US5968).
The Check-in number is 1.01.

Thank you on his behalf.

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