Mangled by the escort during their deportation attempt on him, S. is asking: “who are the criminals?”

10/01/2017: S. has been living in Belgium for ten years. He tried to get regularised since his arrival, in vain, although he worked and respected the laws. He never stole anything, not even to eat. Some of you may have met him. While he was retained at the 127 bis centre, in autumn 2017, he got in contact with militants after a support gathering in front of the centre. A few days after he got released, he wanted to take part to a gathering on closed centres to bring his testimony – on his story but also on the persons’ he had met while being retained – isolated young people, fathers, separated couples, etc.

He then took part in a demonstration against the deportations to Sudan and hosted a former Sudanese co-retainee who had just been relased after three months’ retention. “He spent one night at my place and left to France”.

End October, the police went to his place to arrest him. Back to the closed centre, in Merksplas this time.

This Tuesday 9th January, S. was the object of a very violent deportation attempt to which he resisted in the end. The flight passengers reacted and the captain demanded that S. be disembarked. The police officers started to beat him in the centre. “I knew one of them, the one who was beating the hardest. I asked him not to beat me in the feet because I already have one broken foot, but he did it anyway, while the others were watching… Who are the criminals?”

His co-retainees assert his sayings. S. also got one hand, one eye and the head injured.

“He doesn’t know anyone in Bangladesh, he has been in Belgium for years.”
“Our hands are tied. There is nothing we can do”.
“Please do something for him.”
“We need a doctor”.

If you know a doctor who could rapidly go to Merksplas to pay him a visit, contact us in PM or send an email to

Thank you

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