Meeting Sunday 0.2 p.m. Centre fermé 127bis et centre Caricole: Update .

Update 20/09: Detainees were waiting for us in the backyard of the centre with banners, shouting for freedom.A man climbed on the roof with many banners.

In a second wing we could not get close to the tension was extremely high. They are all furious and ask us to continue to support them. At 9 p.m. the detainees were still in the backyard, refusing to go back inside, and the man on the roof was threatening to jump. A large security perimeter was established by the police and three friends got arrested. 



HUNGER STRIKE at the 127bis and Caricole closed centres 

On September 18th 2015, more than 60 detainees started a hunger strike at the 127bis closed centre, and 15 at the Caricole centre! 

For the last 15 days, Iraqis are being arrested at the Foreigners office when introducing their asylum request and detained in our closed centres. They would currently be over 30 in the 127bis closed centre and a dozen at the Caricole centre. 

They started a hunger strike to claim for their regularisation and release. ‘We are asylum seekers and don’t have anything to do in a prison’ they said. 

The flemish media, through Theo Francken’s own words on 17th of September, announced the voluntary return of 78 Iraqis. According to our contacts in the centre, it seems that NO Iraqi has signed a request for voluntary return; These Iraqis’ arrests at the Foreigners Office seem to be part of a strategy to discourage the people present in the Parc Maximilien from introducing asylum requests.  

Most of the other Syrian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian detainees at the 127bis and Caricole closed centres are solidary with the Iraqis, and many joined the hunger strike. As it is often the case, some of them told us that they have been living for years in Belgium, that they have wives and children here. 

They all protest against the racism prevailing in the centres and they are claiming for their release! 

We ask for the elimination of all closed centres and that deportations be halted.

CRER (Coordination against raids and deportations), MRAX, CRACPE, LDH
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