Minor in 127 bis closed centre and currently in isolation 17/08/2021

Minor in 127 bis closed centre and currently in isolation 17/08/2021

We have received several calls today from detainees at the 127 bis detention centre for a 17 year old Sudanese boy who has been locked up for more than a month and whom security has put in isolation. He seems to be in a very bad way and cries all day long. He has no visitors and is extremely lonely. He is reportedly in solitary confinement at the moment (with a view to a deportation to Italy?).

Call received:  

“There is here a  child in a bad situation. It is reported that the centre’s security put him into an isolation cell now, alone. He is in a very bad situation, bad food, very bad everything, he is only a very young boy, he has no family, no visits. 

This young boy is crying, crying all the day long. This is not a place for a child. Everything is forbidden here. This is not a place for refugees and not for a child. We are not criminals.”

“Visit us please. We are not animals. The food is very bad. There is nobody who thinks about us… Come with bicycle if you want to protest.”

Ask to United nations to take a look here and  to the jail where the boy is.Thank you so much”

DETENTIONS are torture


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