Morrocans and Tunisians, legal or ‘illegal’, employed or unemployed: arrests, imprisonments and deportations


It seems that a majority of arrests, detentions and deportations are currently reserved for Morrocans and Tunisians.

It seems that the Foreigners’ Office is again targeting both nationalities, after having bothered Guineans, Albanians, Kosovars and many others before.

Today, Belgian closed centres are full of people of Morrocan and Tunisian origin. They got arrested during raids or at home.

They are quickly deported thanks to a close collaboration with our Ministers, the Foriegners’ Office, the Morrocan or Tunisian Embassies, and the Air Maroc/SN Airlines.

They are of all ages, and have sometimes been living in Belgium for over ten  years.

Any argument is valid to offer them an Order to Leave the Territory; ‘judicial’ antecedents, suspicion of ‘marriage in name only’, suspicion of moonlighting, etc.

Many have worked for years in Belgium, they got regularised and obtained a work permit.

The Office will do their best to find the smallest fault in their lives to grant them an Order to Leave the Territory.

A 57 year old man arrived in Belgium in 2002. He got married to a Belgian woman in 2003, worked for years and years, bought himself a house, a car and a cat. He is being accused of marriage in name only in 2003 because the couple got divorced! He got arrested and imprisoned to be deported. He thought he was a good and well integratred citizen. He now wonders what the words citizen and integrated actually mean…

Isn’t the true explanation that this man will no longer be able to work and produce? Indeed, he got very sick after many years of a very demanding work, he has got diabetes, a very incapacitating slipped disc and a serious heart failure that requires an oxygen concentrator in his everyday life.

Warn your friends about this new migrants hunting with an ID or undocumented, employed or unemployed, orchestrated by the Foreigners’ Office!!!

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