Naturalised and detained!

15/02/2013: Mr Traore is free today. 10 days illegal detention for Mr Traore. Thousands days of illegitime detention for the others   Freedom for all. Nobody is illegal.

Mr Traoré, of Guinean origin, has been living in Belgium since 2004. He had received the five years card but then they took it from him.

He was arrested on 11 December 2012 and brought to the closed centre in Vottem. They tried to deport him on 23 January 2013 but he refused.

On 3 February 2013 he got a positive notice concerning his naturalisation request: he is now Belgian!

He thought he would be released very quickly, but this was without considering the determination of the Foreigners Office! On 9 February, in spite of this naturalisation, they tried to deport him for the second time! Fortunately, the lawyer could intervene on time to cancel the deportation.

On 14 February, he is still imprisoned. He doesn’t have any residence permit but he is Belgian: it seems to be an unforeseen situation for the Foreigners Office.

In front of this administrative imbroglio, the Office will surely not take the risk to release him. Hence he is detained in the closed centre even though he has been given the Belgian nationality and can no longer be deported.

Mr Traore fears that the situation turns against him, “they are capable of everything” he says…

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