New collectif flight to RDC: over the terror of the foreign office


A new grouped flight towards the DRC threatens the closed centers. The Congolese ambassador is coming on Thursday 8/11 to visit the 127bis and identify the 20 detainees, 7 women and 13 men. 

A few quotes from the prisonners :

    “it sucks here” 

    “we have to act now or never!”

    “If I go home, I’m dead!”


    “Can you imagine ? : arriving in handcuffs on a military flight to Kinshasa : it’ll be the end for my father. He’s a discharged soldier. “

    “Your politicians work with the ANR (national intelligence agency), you didn’t know ?” 


    “Have we, Congolese, become a commodity for the policies in between our country and Belgium ?” 

    “Asylum requests no longer exist?”


    Many say they no longer receive a response to their asylum requests, or they do when they are about to board a flight, when it’s already too late?

    “There are no longer responses to our requests”

    “there is no justice in you countries”

        And some suggestions : 

        “We must march on the Foreigners’ Office” 

        “We must burn the closed centers”

        “We want to see the Human Rights league”

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