News from the collective deportation towards the Congo on December 6th 2012

We were in contact with 7 people in Belgian closed centers. In the days preceding the deportation they were all taken to the 127bis center near the airport.
The day before the deportation 8 people were brought into a room : They were shown a video explaining how a group deportation takes place then they were put in solitary cells by groups of two.
The following day they were taken from their cells. Police officers and a large escort came to take them in buses along with 16 other congolese that were already in the buses, according to a deportee who is in Kinshasa and doesnt seem able to talk very much.
They don’t know where these 16 people were from (neither do we).
They were all handcuffed and taken to the military airport, except for two whose lawyer had initiated an appeal.
They were all placed on the plane, in handcuffs, along with roughly 100 belgian police officers according to our contact.
Their handcuffs were removed one hour into the flight.
Upon arrival in Kinshasa they were all taken in to custody for identification then released, according to one of the deportees who didn’t give us the impression that he was in a position to speak freely.
Media reactions in French and Dutch :

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