O5/06 Chao in closed center 127 bis in Steenokkerzeel

05/06 Chaotic day in the 127bis

Following several perturbations (two “uncooperative” refugees transferred from Vottem to 127bis, isolation of a man from the Ivory Coast and another one from Guinea who doesn’t eat nor drink since his arrival last week), two ambulances came, one of the intensive care unit.
In the meantime, the prisoners were regrouped and had to go through general search (shoes, socks and confiscation of their telephone batteries). After this body searches, they had to stay in the yard while their bedrooms were being searched. Once back into their rooms, they found chaos, everything had been put upside down!

These events create a huge tension, people are shouthing and crying, “some are getting mad”!

The tension remains unbearable this day, 6th of June.

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