Orders to leave the territory (OQT) atall-will: 01/01/2014

When the centres are full and deportations are accelerated to their limits, how otherwise make increase the figures wonders Maggie ? A three-letter solution (voters, like dogs, remember short names easily) , that’s good: OQT. Order to leave the territory. They are delivered in spades. Must show that it’s “effective” , let‘s make  figures !

It seems that in that era Maggie one could speak of OQTM ( not ” Order Exit Territory Maggie ” but ” Order to leave the Territory Multiple” ). Indeed, OQT becomes downright an identity document for migrants card : “When I’m being controlled, I show my OQTB and it’s OK .” Even “funnier”, those who are detained following the issuing of a OQTB then freed because notdeportable, receive at their release their umpteenth OQTB . Waiting often for the next arrest and the next OQT ! This creates employment (useless servants) but what counts above all … the figures!

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