“FORGOTTEN” in the sun for two hours 25/07/2014 (Engl)

While this woman, seeking asylum, was driven back from the tribunal, handcuffed as usual as is the custom for foreigners driven in vans, the guards forgot her in full sunlight after reaching the Caricole closed centre.

On Monday (22 July), two detained women seeking asylum were to be driven back to their detention places. One was driven back to a centre whereas the other was supposed to be brought to Caricole but she was ‘forgotten’ in the van on the Caricole parking place! Handcuffed, warmly dressed, she found herself alone in full sunlight for two hours. Afraid that it was the start of her deportation, she burst into tears and experienced times of great panic, not knowing what was going to happen to her, and suffering from heat and thirst. It was only when a guard came to fetch something in the vehicle that he realised her presence and that he ‘allowed’ her in the centre.

This racist system implemented to arrest, to imprison, to reject residence requests for all sorts of reasons, to oppress foreigners in intolerable ways during their detention with no deadlines, to violently deport these people who arrived from other countries with no papers; this system does not permit any reasonable accommodation nor humanisation and it should simply be eradicated. It enables drifts, well concealed tortures that are never punished. Indeed, who would dare to lodge a complaint in the case of that women? Afraid that this complaint would only accelerate the deportation process, all the more since the system in place to ‘gather complaints’ is all blurred and leading to deadlocks.
Each testimony carries its dosis of horror, this one is just another aspect of it.


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