Raids, releases,deportations : news 14/03/2018

For a few weeks, raids on parkings and in stations all around Belgium are ongoing again. Several hosts contact us to warn us of the arrest, often violent, and/of the retention in closed centres of one of their guests. Very few of them will be released after several months of retention, most of them will be deported to the Dublin countries. A few Sudanese still riskk deportation to their country of origin and had to go through an intense questioning by the Office to determine the danger forthemto go back to Sudan.


A few were released these days, mainly because of a procedural defect, the Foreigners Office wrongly formulating the Order to leave the territory. The Office preferred to release them than to lose face during an appeal (see the positive outcomes gained by the lawyers at the CCE )

One example: « It is a procedural defect. When he came back to the centre after his second arrest he had to sign an OLT mentioning he would be sent back to his Dublin country, but the latter never got confirmed hence he was non-deportable. The Foreigners Office might have understood its mistake and absolutely wanted to avoid the success of an appeal on the issue».

Dublin :

The retention conditions are so bad that most of the Dublin people end by accepting their deportation to the Dublin country without knowing what their fate will be overthere. They could end up being deported to the country they fled. It is for that particular reason that many come back after their deportation to Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway – to keep on trying to reach the United Kingdom.

For 1, 2 3 years, they crossed many countries, thousands of kilometers and it is not the closed centres nor the intimidation or repression, nor the European migration laws that will stop them.
The Dublin rule is just about passing the buck to another country but it nevers fixes the situation of the exiled. Debates are ongoing with extremely contradictory proposals: reinforce the Dublin system or adjustement of the rule proposed by several MEPs.

Arrests on the streets, in the public transports, at home, in airports:

A lot of arrests of Moroccans, Pakisatni, Subsaharians on the streets, the public transports, at home, in airports are going on. According to our contacts, Algerian people seem to be the nationality currently privileged by the Foreingers Office… Please warn your Algerian friends!

Several Algerian detainees testify :

-“It is international here” says one of them.

-A man in Belgium for more than 10 years risks a deportation to his country of origin :
« I don’t know my country anymore, (…) because of your “integration” I barely speak Arabic! »

-In Belgium since 2011, arrested on the street in Brussels 15 days ago: “It is not fair Madam, we are full of hate but we bear with it!” Until the day when??!!


IN all the European countries, undocumemnted associations, exiled people and citizens rally and fight against these migration policies, demanding the abolition of the Dublin rule, claiming for the freedom of movement and establishment. The European migration policies must be fought against throughout Europe via demonstrations, actions, debates, etc. All means are good to ask for this freedom of movement that has been claimed for almost one century, and for universal human rights.

A few examples of movements in Europe :

Great Britain:

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