Raids targeting Guineans 06/02/2014:

Our Maggie Deblock and her friend Freddy Roosemont, director of the Immigration Office are visiting Conakry;

At the same time, Guineans get stopped at the the Immigration Office or in public places. This February the 1, a police raid took place in a Guinean coffeehouse in Brussels: everyone was searched and 5 Guineans were arrested and taken to detention centers. A dozen others were arrested during an appointment at the office according to our information .

It is clear that our Maggie wants to make a good impression in Conakry, arresting and incarcerating Guineans in Belgium and deperting them to a country “less dangerous than Afghanistan and the DRC!”, says Mr. Roosemont. According to him, “In Guinea, there’s no violence, no persecutions like in the Republic of Congo or in Afghanistan”.

Comprehensive statements from Maggie and Freddy can be read here:

Notify your Guinean friends for possible raids ! ! !

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