Ramadan in closed centres / Hunger strike

127 bis 11/05/2018
30 retainees go on hunger strike at the 127bis closed centre.
External associations had proposed to deliver food during the Ramandan period that starts on 16/05/2018.
They learnt this morning that it would be forbidden by the management.
They see this prohibition as ‘a circuitous route to ban Ramandan in the centre, and as a lack of respect for their religion’.

They decided to go on hunger strike today and demand:
-respect for their religion and for Ramadan
-the authorisation for friend associations to deliver adapted food in the centre
– access to the kitchen in the centre to prepare their meals!

The retainees decided to wait Monday to ‘discuss with the centre director’. 16 of them still are on hunger strike.

Text message this morning, 13 May, Good morning Madam, 02:17 in the centre. There is a Moroccan who suffers from a disease (epilepsy). He had a head surgery here in Belgium and he hasn’t been eating for 4 days, unfortunately he had an epileptic seizure. Honestly, I was shocked when I saw him that state… They even didn’t call an ambulance, nothing. They took him at the medical service… it is inhuman… Please help us!

Each year, during the Ramadan period, retainees protest against the organisation of Ramadan in closed centres when meals are completely insufficient and only consist of bread at sunrise and sunset. Several years ago, warmed pasta even had provoked health problems. Is it necessary each time that authorities are uncompromising to add another layer of repression? Another irrespectul treatment?

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