“Rebellion and serious impediment of the air traffic”

From Ventimiglia to Calais, from Ceuta to Melilla, from Lesbos to Athens, at all borders and beyond, the criminalisation of those who hinder the good functioning of European migration policies is in full swing.

As an example among many others, the prosecution of 6 passengers who hindered the deportation of a man on a flight operated by the very famous SN Brussels which daily deport the designated unwanted.

Let’s gather in front of the Court of Justice Place Poelaert in Brussels on 1st of December at 8.30 a.m. in order to show our determination to refuse these intimidation attempts and the repression of those who dare hindering ‘their air traffic’!

NoBorders, NoDeportations

They waged war against migrants, we are waging war against them!

Here below the call supported by a few “human rights associations” and the CISPM

The callcall-6-heroes-en

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