AFTER the criminal retention, mid-January, of Mrs E. who was arrested while in transit at Zaventem airport with a French residence permit in order but with a “non-compliant” passport according to the Foreigners Office:
AFTER 3 deportation attempts to China, where she should have fixed the passport problem at the DRC embassy;
AFTER the publication online of a petition calling for her release, that got 638 signatures in a few hours (, the Foreigners Office FINALLY released Mrs E this Friday 10th of February at 8 p.m., out of surprise and for no precise reason. Mrs E picked up her children and went back home in Paris.

Last week, 9 Palestinian people retained at the Caricole closed centre for 2 months have been released.


Among the arrestations of “foreign” tourists at the airport because of the pathological obsession of the Foreigners Office who see dreadful foreigners everywhere, with passports/visas that are necessarily fake:

4 February 2017: a woman with a 3 years Schengen visa with which she has been travelling for months, came to Belgium to give a training in athleticism in a sports club and received an invitation letter by the Minister for Sports, Fadila Laanan for the medal ceremony on the 22nd of February at 6 p.m. in her cabinet BUT, according to the airport police, the rules have changed and the visa is not valid anymore… She is still being retained at the Caricole closed centre this 13th of February 2017. WHAT IS THE MINISTER DOING??? Write to her (, ring her (02/506 33 37), post a comment on her Fbook (, twit her (@fatilaanan), each day that passes is another day in prison for her “host”!!

11 February 2017: Arrestation at the airport of 2 Senegalese women in transit to France. One of them has a diplomatic passport BUT once at the control check she is being told that she is “too young to have a diplomatic passport”, she is 35 years old! The other one works in a bank and she going to spend holidays in Paris. Both of them have been transfered to the Caricole today. Ring the consular department of the embassy and ask for an investigation at 02/673 00 97.

9 February 2017: A woman is living and working in France. She left for one week to Morocco. She landed at Charleroi airport this 9th of February to visit her brother who is living in Belgium and wanted to go back to France. She got arrested at Charleroi airport and is being retained in Caricole. She still ignores the reason of this arrestation. The Office considers deporting her to Rabat this Sunday. She can not see other solution than being deported to then catch a flight again to France on the same day. What is the French embassy doing?

RESISTANCE in closed centres

10 February 2017

This Friday, in the closed centre of Vottem, the guards had decided to isolate one man in one of the wings of the closed centre: the retainees of his wing tried to oppose to it locking themselves in their wing and blocking the doors. Intervention of the Robocops, teargas and beating.

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