Repeated deportations ! 19/08/2019

Repeated deportations !

S arrives in Italy and is sent to Switzerland as part of the European resettlement plan.
His asylum application in Switzerland has been rejected. He continues his way to Belgium.

On his way to inquire about a possible asylum application in Belgium: he was arrested at Brussels-Midi station and brought to a closed centre. Fifteen days later he is sent back to Switzerland without being able to warn anyone and then deported to Italy.
He returns to Belgium, and goes to the Office des étrangers on 28/06/19 to register. He is told to come back in a month.

On the 22/07/19 he goes back to the Office des étrangers. rom the moment he set foot there, no more news … ..disappeared!
Appeal to find him has been made but unsuccessful in all centres.
On 27/07/2019, 5 days later, he tells us that he has been released from a prison in Rome!


An other S:
Application for asylum in Switzerland refused. Requests in Germany: expelled back to Switzerland; comes to Belgium.

He has been arrested on March 30, 2019 and imprisoned in the closed centre of Bruges.
S and his friends at the centre do not like injustice and express it in the centre.
Two of them, designated as “leaders”, are transferred to the closed centre of Vottem and placed in isolation.

July 18th 19. S is again deported to Switzerland. He returns to Belgium and is preparing to apply for asylum here. However, in a stroke of madness, he embarks with 3 friends in a truck to Calais. He is arrested in Calais and finds himself at the CRA (administrative detention centre) of Coquelles.
We went to see him in Calais. He is sorry for his stupidity and wants to return to Belgium to live there. It was explained that the road to Belgium was opposite to that to the GB … we laughed!
France has asked for the application of the so-called “Dublin” law, that is to say a return, to Belgium, Germany or Switzerland.
To be continued…


Hundreds of people are like this living in Europe. In our closed detention centres the majority are currently threatened with expulsion to their Dublin country … They are many who accept to escape from life in a closed centre which is according to their testimony, completely unbearable. The majority is arrested on arrival in their country Dublin, sometimes maintained for a few hours or days, then released. Then they can resume their journey ….. to? …



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