RESISTANCE……..and profile of the DRC people deported

RESISTANCE……..and profile of the DRC people deported on the collective flight to Nigeria, Ghana and the DRC

Several are well known opponents to Kabila’s regime and they have been militants for years. They have been retained in closed centres for months, they have introduced several asylum requests, but the CGRA did not believe them despite their irrefutable proofs. They have been registered by the regime and they might be arrested as soon as they land in Kinshasa.

Some have been to jail. According to what their acquaintances told us, they were minors when they arrived in Belgium and their parents had obtained asylum. Their families all have the Belgian nationality and they do not know anything about Congo. One of them has been out of jail for 10 years already. Another one had obtained the Belgian nationality and they withdrew it to him after several convictions. What the hell are they going to do in the DRC?

At least two of them became fathers very recently but they got arrested while introducing their cohabitation or marriage request in the framework of Francken’s campaign in search of fake babies/fathers!

As far as we know, at least 5 Congolese women got their ticket, among whom one mother and her two daughters aged 18 and 22 who have been living in Belgium for 5 years.

Surrender opponents to the DRC governement, advertise the deportation of ‘criminals’ and this way increase the statistics of Mr Francken, prevent marriages or child recognition, anything is good to ‘reassure’ Kabila’s people and regime. The iron fist of the Belgian state is striking its ‘foreigners’, faithful to the European migration policies and to the Return Directive coordinated by the criminal agency Frontex!

Aristing as a result of repressive and racist policies, these deportations put these people, families, and children in a situation of extreme distress.

AND SEEDS OF RESISTANCE :  Escape attempt at the 127 bis on 23/09/2017 : 5 retainees tried to escape: Sudanese, Syrian, Moroccan… They were prevented from doing so and the morning after they were transferred because there was no place left in the confinement cells that had been ‘reserved’ for nationals of the DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, all candidates to the collective flight of 26th September.

Let’s destroy this deportation machine, let’s prevent deportations.

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